26th Sep 2014

Whitney Walker was working for the Nordstrom store at Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis when her relationship with her boyfriend turned sour and resulted in Ms. Walker moving out and obtaining a protective order against the boyfriend. Unfortunately, situations … more

9th May 2014

On Thursday, March 13, President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order instructing the United States Department of Labor to devise new regulations that would make more employees eligible for overtime pay. Although the details of the new regulations have yet … more

1st Feb 2014

Indiana may join the ranks of states that have enacted laws that bar employers from requiring employees to provide their social media passwords. In what has become a growing trend, many employers now require employees to turn over their personal … more

7th Jan 2014

With the recent stint of bad weather, the following question has been asked several times: Do I have to go to work when the roads are this bad? The short answer is yes you do. Indiana is a strict at-will … more