29th Apr 2015

In the 1993 case of Lambert v. Genesee Hospital, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit interpreted the anti-retaliation provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act to require an employee make a written complaint to a government … more

17th Oct 2014

Leonard Avila was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”). In January 2008, he was subpoenaed to testify in a Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) lawsuit brought by a follow officer who claimed he was required to … more

26th Feb 2014

The question of just how anonymous some companies’ complaint procedures are is being raised by an interesting case recently filed in a New York federal court. According to an article in the New York Daily News, Gerard Giraldo sent what … more

29th Jul 2013

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from employees who call my office is that they feel they have been retaliated against by their employer. Thanks to a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court, those cases are now … more