14th Jul 2017

Sara Sampra was working as an engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) in December 2013 when she was placed on bed rest by her physician as a result of pregnancy-related complications. After working from home for approximately two (2) … more

21st Mar 2017

There have been a bevy of legal proceedings in recent years involving National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) student athletes making various arguments with the goal of having themselves classified as employees entitled to the benefits of employment from the NCAA … more

28th Dec 2016

On May 18, 2016, I wrote the following blog entry on a series of changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s governing regulations that were scheduled to take place on December 1, 2016: http://andrewgjoneslaw.com/agjlaw/unpaid-wages/department-of-labor-announces-changes-to-overtime-rules/. For now, and perhaps forever, those … more

19th Oct 2016

Kimberly Knox and Kayla Bratcher worked as bartenders and servers at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Avon, Indiana. As is commonly the case with restaurant service employees, Ms. Knox and Ms. Bratcher were paid via a tip credit that … more