1st Aug 2016

Occasionally, I receive an inquiry from an employee who requested FMLA leave but never consulted a health care provider regarding their illness. A recent case from the Western District of Wisconsin serves as a reminder of why that can be … more

18th May 2016

Today was an historic day in the world of overtime law. After more than two years of considering and debating whether to make changes to portions of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s governing regulations, the United States Department of Labor … more

6th Apr 2016

A putative class action has been filed in New York against retailer Target Corp. alleging violations of New York state labor laws. According to the claims made in LaPointe v. Target Corp., Operations Group Leaders were classified as exempt from … more

2nd Feb 2016

The interplay between religious rights and the rights of employers has been a hot button issue in Indiana and around the country. Just recently, a situation in Colorado gained a lot of national attention. Cargil Meat Solutions, a meat processing … more